Monday, 5 March 2012

Obsevers Of Life Should Never Get Involved!

    I've been making several observations on the matter of the Prisoner begining with the Town of Harmony, which if it had been a real Wild West town of America in the 1800's would have been placed in the state of California. How am I able to do this, well it's all thanks to Joaquin!
   In A,B,C if there had been a picture in the 'C' box file as there had in both 'A' and 'B', then the photograph would have been of Engadine.
    Whatever the village is, it is more than a helicopter flight away. The mention of a "quick flip in the helicopter to the landing stage" by No.2 during The Schizoid Man is an indication of a known fact.
    You will have observed that the Tally Ho is issued daily at in the village. However during the episode of A Change of Mind there are two issues of the Tally Ho newspaper. In fact A Change of Mind is the only episode to have two issues of the Tally Ho, on different days of course.
    The painter, we see has clearly been taking his time painting that wall in Checkmate, seems to have been making the job hang out! Just as well he wasn't asked to paint it again, or was he?
    No gardener appears to mow the lawns, or trim the hedges. They just fiddle about in the flower beds! Perhaps Sir Clough Williams-Ellis wouldn't let them do more than that during filming at Portmeirion!
    In his cottage the Prisoner smashed that black loudspeaker under foot on the day of his arrival in the village. Yet the music played on, liked piped music you hear, but cannot switch off in supermarkets. However by the time of The Chimes of Big Ben No.6 has found a more subtle way of dealing with the annoying programme of early morning music, by placing the speaker in the refrigerator. Thus rendering peace and quiet to '6 private,' which was not the case in Arrival.
   Tea features strongly in the episode of A Change of Mind, as No.6 cannot stand girls who can't make a descent cup of tea. But why warm the pot "always?" Well it certainly has nothing to do with improving the flavour of the brew. Tea doesn't taste all the better for warming the pot first. No, it has to do with the tea pot and boiling water. Because if you pour boiling water straight into a cold porcelain or ceramic tea pot, the boiling water will cause the pot to crack. So "warming the pot always" guards aginst the tea pot from cracking. Simple and foolproof!
    No.6 drinks tea when he is at home, but at either the cafe or on the lawn of the old peoples home he drinks coffee.
    Since his arrival in the village No.6 has reverted back to taking sugar. This after No.6 gave up sugar four years and three months ago on medical grounds. It seems that No.6 is afraid of nothing. Not putting on weight, nor of being reduced, not of diabetes.

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