Thursday, 12 May 2011

My Lava Lamps Gone Cloudy!

    It's a devil when that happens, your Mathmos Lava lamp goes cloudy, why does it do that? I've tried all the recommended tricks in order to try and reverse this action, but none of them have worked. It's so bad, is the clouded oil within the lamp, it's like milk with sediment of wax mixed in, that I can no longer see if the wax itself is rising or not! What's more I think the seal has worn out, because I'm pretty sure that the oil is also evaporating, because the oil was almost to the top of the glass, now it's just below the metal cap of the lamp!
   Yes, my highly prized and favourite Mathmos Lava  Lamp is in a poor state of health. I've different types of Lava Lamp, and their oil is as clear as the day I first purchased them, and that's a good few years ago, unlike my Mathmos Lava Lamp which is more recent.
    It's a common complaint I understand, with Mathomos Lava Lamps having their oil go cloudy after a time. I suppose I could send the Lava Lamp back to Mathmos to resolve the situation, but that's going to be damned expensive. The only way I can see myself getting my Mathmos back in good working order is to empty the oil, gain two cheap lava lamps, if small, and refill the Mathmos with their oil. Ah, but then what to seal the screw top with to stop evaporation? If I cannot resolve the situation, I could always cough up the money and buy a new Mathomos Lava Lamp, but then I know perfectly well, that sometime in the future, the exact same thing will happen to a new one. So personally I cannot see the point in that.
I'm 'a despondent' Johnny Prisoner

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