Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Prisoner Of The Prisoner!

    Why is it I cannot escape the Prisoner, and why should I want to in the first place? There's not a day go by when I don't think about the Prisoner, or write something about the series, either series for that matter. I'm of the opinion that the Village is all in the mind, well my minds full of it! I told my doctor this, and all he had to say was that I'm round the twist to be such an obssessive. Take a holday he said, go somewhere quiet, somewhere different. "Portmeirion" I suggested. "Portmeirion, why there?" "Because that's where they filmed the Prisoner" I told him. "No, no, no. Go somewhere else" he insisted. "There's always Swakopmund" I said. "Swakopmund, where's that?" he asked., It's a holiday resort in Namibia" I told him. He said that's the perfect place, to go and get away from it all. Pack immediately, and just go. "Fine" I said "Because that's where they filmed the 2009 series of THEPRISONER. As I left my doctors surgery he was banging his head upon his desk!
    I suppose it's all that Patrick McGoohan's fault really. If he'd left well along after resigning as Danger Man, in not having such a fanciful idea of creating the Prisoner, but simply gone on to appear in Coronation Street like most actors and actresses do these days, I wouldn't be like I am today. Patrick McGoohan made me the way I am, a single minded obssessive, who only has one thing on his mind. For me the Prisoner is a life sentence, just as it was for No.2 and No.6. But even then No.2 managed to escape by suffering a Village death in Once Upon A Time. For the Prisoner it took him slightly longer, another forty-two years!
   I suppose I could always throw my piped blazer in the dustibun, or give it to charity. Sell all my Prisoner collection on ebay, get rid of it all, as I know some fans have done. But it would still be in there, in my mind. So here I am, doing a life-time sentence. And I suppose when all is said and done there are worse things to be, so why not a Prisoner of the Prisoner?
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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