Sunday, 19 December 2010

Johnny Prisoner - That's Me

    You don't know me, but I'm Johnny Prisoner, and like my old colleague Piet Hein I used to write for The Tally Ho on MySpace, and since things came to a head at a final editorial meeting of the said local newspaper, I've been out of work!
   I've always been a keen fan of the Prisoner, and have a collection of merchandise and memorabilia relating to that series, which even if I do say so myself, is second to none! I have also spent many hours, days, weeks, and months over the years researching the Prisoner series, and you should see the piles of files, and paperwork I've put together on the series. I also help run the LPG {Local Prisoner Group} which meets every last Tuesday of the month.
   Anyway, there I was at home one day, sat watching an episode of my favourite television series, when I was disturbed by a telephone call from Piet Hein, an ex-colleague who also worked on The Tally Ho. Piet told me that he had been recruited by an old friend David Stimpson, who was in need of a couple of team members to help with writing Blog articles at I asked if Piet would put a good word in for me with Dave, and well here I am. Pleased to have been given a second chance for my writing skills, and another place for the release of my knowledge about the Prisoner, and not left on the scrap heap, like so much......well, like scrap!
Johnny Prisoner

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