Thursday, 30 December 2010

Pris-Con 2011

   The next thing on the agenda is the Prisoner Convention held at Portmeirion in April. special guest this year is the Girl who was death - Justine Lord, a real feather in the cap for Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society. Also attending the 'Con' is the band DC Fontana, and the one man play Everyman, about the life of Patrick McGoohan. is to be performed at the 'Con.'
   But other than that it will be the Convention as usual, not that the Prisoner Conventions are what they used to be. Not so many people attend these days, and many of the old familiar faces have gone. My old mucker David Stimpson and his wife Morag were the first to leave the society back in 2001. And sometime after that, many 'core' members also left the society. I once asked Dave if he would ever consider returning to Six of One. He said hell would freeze before that ever happened. He was once asked to attend a Prisoner Convention as a guest you know. Well perhaps you don't. It was ten years after his production of the arthouse film Village Day. Dave was once contacted and asked if Village Day could be screened at the Convention a few years ago, and could he come and give a presentation about the film? Dave was delighted, and said yes. I think he was actually honoured to be asked along to a Prisoner Convention as a guest. But it fell through in the end, because, well it was society politics really. I spoke to Dave about it, and I think he was very disappointed. Well he'd put a lot into the presentation for his film, and would have donated items used in the film for raffle prizes. But the thing was you see, the presentation would have been read by someone else at the Convention, as Dave was unable to attend! But even then the guy in charge of Six of One at the time didn't even want Village Day shown at the Convention for fear that his very image seen at the Convention would provoke a revolution.......How paranoid can one get?!
   Will I be there at the Convention? You bet I will, because I'm Johnny Prisoner

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