Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The Ultimate Prisoner Box Set

  Hello readers. I've been reading about the Prisoner 'ultimate' box set on Network DVD's website. This is a picture of it, nicley designed I have to say.
              Before this the 40th anniversary used to be 'the ultimate' box set, but this contains both the 1960's series, the exact same content of the 40th annivserary box set, which has actually been released in two formats by Network DVD, not to mention on 'Blue-Ray this together with the 2009 series, and three cd disc set of the original series soundtrack, previously released by Netwrk DVD. So if you're like me, and purchased all that Network DVD has previously produced on the Prisoner, and I include  THEPRISONER 2009 series, then you've no need to buy this 'ultimate' box set! So, why as a fan of the Prisoner am I saying this? Because I'm not so gullable as some may think I am! Oh I've collected everything I could, and every release of the Prisoner on both video and DVD over the years, but not Blue-Ray, because I'm not Blue-Ray ready!
    The first release of the Prisoner on video was by Precision Video, owned by ITC. That was back in 1982, when four videos were released containing eight episodes of the Prisoner series. They were The Arrival {using the working title of the episode} and The Schizoid Man on the first video. Video two Many Happy Returns and A B & C. Video three Checkmate and Free For All. And video four The General and The Chimes of Big Ben. They were very expensive to buy originally, at about £30 per video, if of course you had a video player in the first place. And if you did, to only have these eight episodes, and to be able to watch them whenever you liked, was something quite remarkable, and is something which today, we take completley for granted what with iPlayers and the like. Why only the release of eight episodes of the Prisoner by Precision Video back in 82? Because ITC went bankrupt! It wasn't until 1986-87 that Channel 5 released the whole series of the Prisoner on video for the first time. I still have those Channel 5 video's, and they still play as good today as they first did, all those years ago. And I can say the same for the Precision Video's, which I still watch from time to time.
    There is one question I'll be interested in seeing answered......when the time comes. And that is, I wonder what Network DVD will produce for the Prisoners 50th anniversary? Well it's not that far off you know, and really there is only the one natural step remaining, to release the Prisoner in 3D! So remember, you read that here first.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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