Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Prisoner Local Groups

    Hello readers. Years ago, in the hay-day of Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society, there used to be what was termed 'Local Groups.' Members of that society who gathered together in order to make a local group within the society, and there used to be many of them all over Great Britain. From Glasgow to London. From Liverpool to Leicester, Newcastle, and Portsmouth, nationwide in fact. But now less than a handful of local groups remain. In fact I believe there are only possibly three. One in London, one possibly in Birmingham, and my Local Prisoner Group, which has but two members, myself and Tommy Moke. We used to meet in the Goat & Compasses. But now we had have had a change of venue and thanks to Tommy we now meet in the Hope & Anchor public house. Also we used to meet on the last Tuesday of the month. Now we meet on the last Thursday of the month.
    So what is it we do at these mettings? Well we discuss and debate all things about the Prisoner, and by that I mean both series, and of course we talk of Portmeirion. We do this by gathering information, such as the fact that a limited edition of Caterham's Super Seven, once owned by Director and co-Producer of the Prisoner David Tomblin is up for sale in Belgium. The cars limited edition number is 41of 47 produced, and all the past documents accompany the car. Also that Robin Llwelyn - Managing Director of Portmeirion had a fall whilst walking on Christmas eve. He was rushed to hospital with a fractured skull, and is now recovering.
   At the next meeting Tommy Moke and I will be discussing the possibility of attending the spring Memorabilia event at the NEC at Birmingham on March 26th and 27th, where Prisoner actors Derren Nesbitt, Mark Eden, and Robert Rietty will be appearing. And Tommy emailed me the other day saying that he's been to Portmeirion in December and has many photographs to show me of Portmeirion in the snow. I wonder why he didn't attach them to the email. Oh well, roll on a week on Thursday.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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