Saturday, 22 January 2011

THEPRISONER - Reinterpreted

   Piet Hein once wrote that the resignation sequence to THEPRISONER is a reinterpretation of the original, and he was right, as the accompanying pictures will demonstrate.
    We also know why Michael resigned, because he had found out what Summakor, the company for which he worked as an observer, was doing. That he was watching people, writing reports on them, reports which he then sent up to the next floor of the Summakor building. So we know more about the Prisoner then we ever did at this same stage with his predecassor.
    Six wants to physically escape the village, and he does so by attempting to cross the desert. I'm not sure how Six was expecting to be succesful in this endeavour, because he did so without either food or water, especially water, and without knowing where he was escaping to, because he couldn't know where he was escaping from! But I guess Six felt that anywhere was better than the Village.
    So why aren't other poeple interested in escaping the Village, is it so idyllic that people just want to stay of their own free will? Well there are those citizens who are called Dreamers, those people who have a memory, or dream of another place, possibly of another life, beyond the Village. So why don't Dreamers escape the village, or have they? Well escape from the Village does seem quite impossible, as there's nothing but desert in all directions, and for what seems hundreds and hundreds of miles. And even if one did attempt it, in which direction should one set out? Two says that there is no escape, because there is nowhere to escape to. But there is escape, for those who are prepared to take the 'leap of faith.' In the original series of the Prisoner it was said that "Death is an escape." That the Rook once said that one day he would die and beat them all. Well this has been reinterpreted, because through death one can escape the Village and return to ones former life. So did 93, who died a Village death somewhere out there in the desert, return to his former life in London, or that of the Village? Well 93 is supposed to be the previous No.6, wearing an old style Village blazer.
   But only certain people can escape through suffering a Village death, those who were brought to the village. Those like 11-12 who are born of the village, cannot escape, because they have no life outside the Village. If those born to the Village die, they are simply faced with oblivion, they simply cease to exist.
   The main questions posed by THEPRISONER are answered within the series, and even if there are a few unanswered questions, one can easily figure the answers out for onself. But this has not stopped me from enjoying THEPRISONER, for there is still much to be noticed with the series........such as how many different ties Two wears, not only throughout the series, but in each of the six episodes. Certainly enough to make a small collection of within my collection of PRISONER merchandise and memorabilia, which already includes a number of die-cast vehicles from the series.
I'm Johhny Prisoner

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