Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hello folks, if you are a fan of the Prisoner you'll know that it is such a powerful story, that it remains with you all your life, well it has with me. It's been a life-time obsession so far, and looks set to be for a good many years to come.     I am also something of a trend setter. For years I've gone about the Town wearing my Prisoner piped blazer, and for the past couple of years, piped jackets have been all the style. So did you know that there is every possibilty that the piped blazer worn by Patrikc McGoohan, is in fact his old school blazer? Well not the same one obviously, but certainly when the boy McGoohan was Captain of the school boxing team he would have worn a piped blazer. Also when at school, at Ratcliffe College in Leicestershire, England, each pupil was given a number, and was known more by that number than the pupils own name! No, I don't know what McGoohan's number was while he was at Ratcliffe College, but I'd put money on it not being Six!
    Last Thursday saw the monthly meeting of the LPG {Local Prisoner Group} at the Hope & Anchor public house, and as usual it was a one hundred percent turn out, myself and Tommy Moke. It was a very convivial evening. We shared a few pints of ale, packets of crips and nuts, and talked of all things Prisoner. We are both looking forward to the new biography about Patrick McGoohan which comes out on March 30th. Perhaps we'll learn more about McGoohan's life than simply about his films and television work, which is what most people write about McGoohan, because while he was alive Patrick McGoohan was the most 'private man.' And of course we discussed the forthcoming Prisoner Convention in April at Portmeirion, where this years special guest is The Girl Who Was Death - Justine Lord. She gave up acting a few years after the Prisoner, and went on to be a school teacher, so Justine Lord dropped off the radar for many years.
    Tommy Moke and myself are going to arrange a Prisoner weekend. We'll be holding a marathon screening of the Prisoner, all seventeen epsiodes, to be followed by the 2009 series of THEPRISONER, with a documentary or two thrown in for good measure.
    This weekend, I'm going to be sorting through my collection of Prisoner badges, stickers, magazines, and all manner of assorted material, some of which is in desperate need of re-cataloguing. All this while playing Prisoner records and cd's. There's my file of Local Prisoner Group magazines for a start, some of which originated from the United States of America from 1979 and the early 80's, many of which I've not read in years.
I'm Johnny Prisoner a thoroughly dedicated fan.

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