Saturday, 5 February 2011

We Want Information, Information, Information...........

    How do you get information about your favourite television series the Prisoner? Well these days all the information one might require is at the click of a mouse, all the information you want, to be found on the wonderful World Wide Web. But in bygone times, a fan of the Prisoner was alone, a lone wolf in the wilderness you might say. Well that was until Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society, which one joined so as to meet like minded people, and gain as much information as one could absorb. Then as time went by, independent Prisoner based magazines and newsletters started to be produced from the end of the 1970's into the mid to late 1990's, such as Free for All, Camera Obscura, The Penny Farthing, Alert, Spokes, Number Six magazine, In The Village, The Manchester Guardian, Orbit 48, The Tally Ho, Le Rodeur, Eight Rank, The Green Dome, Well-Come, to name but a few produced here in the United Kingdom, France, America and Canada. But all have now long fallen by the wayside, save for Six of One's magazine Contact Imminent, which I think is absolutely appauling. Believe me, I've seen a copy or two of that particular magazine. And one completely independent newsletter The Tally Ho, which keeps the old tradition alive today. It is a free and completely unofficial newsletter, and enjoys a modest readership.
   But back then one depended on such magazines and newsletters for news and information on the Prisoner, and so they had an importance. That is why I have made it my concern to make a collection of many of these magazines and newsletters. Not only for the information they contain, but also for their social aspect, the people who came together to research, and produce such material.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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