Saturday, 26 February 2011

Village Taxi Restoration Project

   Hello readers, J.P here. I like to think of myself as having been at the fore front of Prisoner appreciation for many years now. I have made study of my favourite television series. I've written letters and articles regarding the Prisoner. I've talked and debated the series with other fans, I was even a member of Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society for a good many years. Why did I join such a society? Well initially not to meet with like-minded people, but so that I could get my hands on the Prisoner merchandise produced by that particular society, which was produced nowhere else.
    Today I stand by myself in the world of Prisoner appreciation. I am no longer a member of any fan club, Neither Six of One, nor Once Upon A Time. I write about the Prisoner in on-line blog, and have done now for a number of years, which reaches a good many people than are in Six of One these days.
  But a recent project of mine is the Village Taxi Restoration, which is now virtually complete. I have repainted the Village Taxi, the Prisoner Mini-Moke, produced in 1968, which had been showing it's age.
    To my mind the original plastic canopy of the model, looked just that, plastic. In fact the more I looked at the Prisoner Mini-Moke, which as I say Dinky Cars produced in 1968, didn't look right with it's red and white striped canopy. So I made a new canopy for it, and decorated it accordingly, in the regular candy-striped colours.
    A second Mini-Moke in my possession was a green army Mini-Moke, also produced by Dinky Cars in the 1960's, which I painted off-white, with brown panelling. To this model I added a black and white striped canopy, as would have been seen as the village hearse at Cobbs funeral in Arrival, had the funeral cortege, and Brass Band not obliterated it from the camera! Anyway, these are now my own pride and joy, and here are some pictures of my two properly restored Village Taxis.
 I am very pleased with my handy work, and I hope that you, the reader, will be at least slightly impressed. I even added a proper looking radio aerial to the model, using fuse wire! I still have to paint the seats of the taxi brown and yellow in order to make the model complete and exact, but that is a mere detail
   As far as I am aware, these two models are the only ones exact to those Village Taxis which appeared in the Prisoner series, that are in existance today. Certainly I am aware of no others.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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