Saturday, 5 March 2011

I'm Not A Number - I'm Johnny Prisoner!

    Being a fan of the Prisoner can leave oneself open to ridicule! People find fans of McGoohan's creation as something to laugh about, not to take seriously. Well I can assure you that that's never stopped me being me. It's not a vital statement, but I thought I ought to make it.
    As you know, well perhaps you don't, but I am, always on the look out to add Prisoner merchandise and memorabilia to my already extensive collection. And a few weeks back I was busy trawling the World-Wide-Web, and found myself on ebay. There were several different badges for sale connected to the Prisoner, but all at 'silly prices' as I like to call them. I mean £16.99 for green or blue enamal badge, who's going to pay that? I had them direct from Six of One when I was a member, back in the 1980's and 90's for about £2. And there was this badge for sale, yes, just like this one.
I was there, at the 30th anniversary event for the Prisoner in London, that day. It was organised by Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society. There were displays of costumes worn in the series, like No.6's blazer, his charcoal grey suit. The overcoat he wore during A B & C, and no doubt in epiodes of Danger Man. And of course the Schizoid blazer, a cream blazer with black piping. There was a number of special guests, who made up several discussion panels. One guest I recall, was Chris Gregory, a University lecturer I believe. Gregory wrote the book called Decoding the Prisoner. I've never read the book, nor have ever had the desire to have it within my collection. what's more, as soon as Chris Gregory opened his mouth, I took and instant dislike to him! I won't say why, but he gave the appearance of knowing everything about the Priosner, without having actually watched the series!
   But back to the above badge. One just like it was for sale on ebay sometime back, for the princely sum of £16.99. Well, seeing as mine is in both mint condition, and still pinned to the original piece of card it came with.....well mine should be of the greater value!
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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