Saturday, 12 March 2011

All The Fun Of The Convention!

   I generally watch the Prisoner over 17 weeks as a lead up to the Prisoner Convention in April 8th-10th. But this year it's THEPRISONER which will see me to the convention. In fact I've a mind to go as Two, and go about the village reminding people to "Breathe in, breathe out.....more village!" And during the election parade, instead of chanting "Six for two, six for Two, six for Two. Vote, vote, vote...." I'll chant "Six is the one! We want Six. Six is the one. We want Six. Six is the one." I bet they'll not be many joining in with such a chant from the 2009 series. I'll probably be posted as being Unmutual!    Here in the United Kingdom April will see it being a year since the premier of THEPRISONER. And already it seems to have been forgotten by the majority of fans of the original series. But not by me, nor by my mate David Stimpson, who keeps THEPRISONER in mind, he has not forgotten, and neither have I.

  This is the emblem of the village. Not so iconic perhaps as the canopied penny farthing bicycle, but I've got used to it, and think it rather clever in a way. It's Art Nuveau, or Art Deco, one or the other. and can be seen on everything and everywhere in the village. I thought it also symbolic of the village salute once given by the Shopkeeper-37927, as he said be seeing you to the Prisoner as he left the village shop in Arrival. But if that's right, then 37927 is the only citizen to give such a salute. It was perhaps a simple wave goodbye on the part of the Shopkeeper.
    The village of the original series should have had The Palace of Fun, it's marked on the map of the village. But for some reason it never visualised, or was made use of. The Palace of Fun would have been the place for drinking. Gambling. Amateur dramatics, and recreational activities of all kinds. But the only place to have any fun in the village in the original series is the Cat & Mouse nightclub with it's non-alcoholic Gin, Whiskey, and Vodka. The village of THEPRISONER has the Go-Inside bar, which caters for every taste. But I'm not sure if the village beer and wine is non-alcoholic or not!
Here the Prisoner tries to force a point by banging his hand down upon Two's desk, only not quite so forceful as Patrick McGoohan. Jim Caviezel fails to upset the teacup in it's saucer. Mind you there is tea in that teacup, whereas with McGoohan upset a teacup in it's saucer. Mind you the teacup was empty!

  And here, the schiozid man struggles against himself, but with the blade of a knife at Two's throat! You see, there really isn't a Two-Times-Six. There's no alter-ego for Six, it's all in Six's own mind, which as a matter of fact, can be said of the whole series.

And is this what they do to Unmutals in the new village? Well hardly, as there are no Unmutuals, only
those who go about impersonating Two, an Un-Two as he is termed. The only trouble is that this is the Shopkeeper-37927, who's only crime is to have shared with Two a pack of illicit cigarettes. And Two had given his word to the Shopkeeper that he would not tell about the cigarettes. But that wasn't Two, it was an Un-Two, who may look like Two, but you will know that he is not Two, because he is not Two. He many appear in the village in a dishevelled state, which has resemblance to Two. He may claim to be Two, but he is not Two, and must be treated as who he is, which is someone who is not Two! 37927 never impersonated Two, but here, as he's being taken to the Clinic for treatment, the Shopkeeper is Wearing an old school scarf, as like the original No.2 of the village! Two never wears an old school uniform. But he does wear a number of different ties throughout the series!
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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