Saturday, 26 March 2011

It's A Point Of View

   I read a comment the other day, oh not here on Blogger.Com, nor on MySpace, but on a different site altogether. It was a comment regarding the 2009 series of THEPRISONER.  The author of the comment stated that it was too bad that the producers chose to change every single thing of the original series, including that of the village! "It's oranges and apples as far as I'm concerned" the author wrote, who as a life long fan of the original series, sees the 2009 series as an abomination. A bit strong that I thought, and the 2009 series has been described as being a remake. Well it's not a remake, it's not even close to being a remake. What would be the point of a straightforward remake be anyway? If it were a remake, then the 2009 series would have kept as close to the original series of the Prisoner. I have no idea if the author of the comment had actually seen the 2009 series, but what THEPRISONER is, is a reinterpretation of the original series, a reinvention, in keeping much of that which is seen within the original series, along with the main plot, and some of the sub-plots within the original series.
    THEPRISONER has moved on. There's a new village. There's only one Two, which I believe works very well. And there are the subtle echoes of the original 1960's series. The newspaper reporter and photographer. The chessboard. The village taxi, not a Mini-Moke I grant you, but it does the job. The village guardian. Lava Lamps. Modern day deck shoes, and piped blazers. The phrase "Be seeing you." Everyone is a number, and wears a numbered badge, but not all the badges worn by the citizens are the same. Some do not even have the village emblem upon them! There's the village Postman. The Map of Your Village. Six, the former No.6. There's a penny farthing bicycle, and I could go on.
   I too am a life long fan of the Prisoner, and I can see that THEPRISONER is not so very different from that of the original series. So why can't the majority of fans? Did they truly think that a simple remake was to ahve been produced, filmed in Portmeirion?
   Next month sees the first anniversay of the UK premier of THEPRISONER, and I for one will be screening the series again, and that will make it four times I have watched the series. I bet there are not many fans of the Prisoner who can say that!
   This weekend I'm going out for a beer or twelve. I'm going to get myself a pig to keep. My favourite dish has become anything in a 'wrap.' And seeing as I've nothing to hide, I've nothing to find. But then of course if you haven't seen all THEPRISONER series, you won't know what I'm talking about, will you?
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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