Saturday, 19 March 2011

It's All Very Readable - But Only Good Agricultural Stuff!

 Over the years I've collected a number of books to do with the Prisoner, and not all of them have been good. It all began with the Prisoner by Thomas M. Disch. Then The Prisoner-A day In The Life by Hank Stine, followed by The Prisoner-Who Is Number Two by David McDaniel, which I found to be the stupidest of the three novels. No.2 sees to it that No.6's Lotus Seven is brought to the village, and No.6 is given a ration of petrol, and a race track is built, so that No.6 can drive his Lotus, at speed, but only round and round a race track........
   Many books have been written about The Prisoner, trying to put answers to the many questions, and demonstrating many interpretations about the series. They all try, but somehow they all fall short of the mark, which is easy to do, as we all have many different and varied ideas and theories about what the Prisoner is. What's more any book written about the Prisoner has something in common with all the rest - they all make mistakes, sometimes they have to!
   I thought that one day I might publish all my writings and theorisations about the Prisoner. But then it's tough getting a book published in this day and age. My mate Stimpy Stimpson knows that better than anyone. He's written three manuscirpts about the Prisoner, two novels, and another investigating every aspect of the series, and everything connected with it. Dave cannot tell you why the Prisoner was living in such a large house for one person of No.1 Buckingham Place. Because it is one house, and not a number of flats. In fact it's not known how the Prisoner could afford to live in such a house in the City of Westminster, London. But I tell you what, Dave Stimpson knows who was living next door to the Prisoner, at the actual time of filming the Prisoner in No.3 Buckingham Place. I myself am not at liberty to tell you, but it was someone closely related to a very important person. No less a person than........................No, I cannot betray a trust!
   It has to be said that Dave Stimpson has placed his trust in me, and that I share many confidences with him, his new dicoveries which he has made durng four and a half years of research into the Prisoner. And I tell you what, some of his discoveries would astound any fan of the series. They astounded me! I mean who would have thought the village salute, had an origin, and No, it's nothing to do with the Christain sign of the fish! Or that there's one certain connection between the Prisoner and Danger Man. I mean, Dave himself has only recently made that discovery! Trouble is he's not telling, not even to me! I can only hope that for my sake, as well as Dave's, and for fans of the Prisoner around the world, that he can find a publisher for his manuscript The Butler Speaks before too long. Then we might all learn a factual thing or three!
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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