Monday, 11 April 2011

The Prisoner Convention

    I had expected to enjoy myself at the Prisoner Convention this passed weekend, in fact I should have still been there this morning. The idea was to arrive at the Convention in Portmeirion sealed in a crate as like the way Nadia and No.6 arrived in the Colonel's office during The Chimes of Big Ben. Well I thought it a novel way to arrive at the 'Con.' But something went wrong, I never arrived! The crate was wrongly delivered, and I arrived at Aintree for the Grand National instead!!!!!!!!!!! It appears that my crate was put on the wrong lorry, mistook for a horse box. I dread to think what happened when the horse box arrived and was unpacked at Portmeirion!!
    Disappointed was I? No not really, because while I was at the Aintree race course, I put 45 work units on the Grand National winner Ballabriggs at 20-1. I was going to try and reach Portmeirion from Aintree, which is not so far away, but got caught up in the hysteria and excitement of the celebrations at Aintree. I did manage to borrow one chaps lap top, and logged onto Portmeirion's web cams to view what was happening at the 'Con,' which didn't appear to be a great deal. So in the end I think I had the better weekend, save for having to thumb my way back home along the motorway yesterday, but even that was Prisoneresque in it's own way!
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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