Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Prisoner Convention

   Hello Folks. I suppose I may have mislead you with my most recent piece of written blog about the Prisoner Convention, when readers might have been expecting to read about what took place there. Well I might not have made it there, but I have been able to gain a few pictures from the 'Con.' But believe me, 'Cons' are not what they once were. For instance they are no longer held in the summer months, but in April and even March, as in the case of next years Prisoner Convention. The number of people, members of Six of One: The Prisoner Appreciation Society is well down to what they once were. I recall how in 1994, when David Stimpson played the role of No.6 in the Election Parade, how on the Sunday there were in excess of 200 people taking part in that election parade, and that included day visiotrs to Portmeirion over the Convention weekend. Visitors actually believed that David was Patrick McGoohan, I heard them saying so, Look, there's Patrick McGoohan they said gleefully. This years election parade was lucky to have forty people taking part! Anyway here are some pictures taken at the Prisoner Convention 2011.
These are of the election parade and the human chessmatch. Below is the re-enactment of Barney's Boxing Booth from the episode The Girl Who Was Death.
This is the second time that this re-enactment has been performed at a Convention, well that's not quite true, because it's the fourth time. The first two times were back in the late 1990's, when David Stimpson played the role of Mister X, and he looked like Mister X, mind you he was a look-a-like for Patrick McGoohan, but that's another story. David wore the clothes so alike to those worn by Patrick McGoohan in the role of Mister X, even to the point of false whiskers, moustache and sideburns. It would seem that they don't bother much these days, and use boards marked 'Biff' 'Bop' 'splatt.' In former times the crowd cheered and booed Knock his block of Killer! Go on Killer, hit him! And watching the boxing match, people would be four deep, hundreds of them, not so watching this boxing match!
    No, I am not having a go, not at all. Just seeing how things used to be, and how they are today. I'll have to dig out my pictures of past Conventions. They will prove to be quite contrasting.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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