Saturday, 2 April 2011

Appreciation For The Prisoner

     Next weekend sees the Prisoner Convention at Portmeirion. I'm all packed and ready to go. What's more my mode of transport is booked, with  the Eddie Stobart haulage company. I've a crate here, complete with a label addressed to the The Town Hall, The Village, Portmeirion, NorthWales. The idea is to arrive at the Convention in the most original, and Prisoner-like way, and I can think of no other original way than sealed in a crate, as in The Chimes of Big Ben. Think of the look on the Conventioneers faces as the crate is hauled into the Town Hall/Hercules Hall, the crate then forced open, and I pop out, won't they be surprised?
    I had thought of arriving by helicopter, but that's a bit out of my price range, and really not that original. I could have chosen to arrive at the 'Con' in a coffin, that idea is highly original. But having thought about it, there are those who might have carried out a re-enactment of their own, Cobb's funeral, and I'd have ended up being buried on the beach below the lighthouse!
    So with any luck I'll be arriving in Portmeirion at around 3pm on Friday, to be taken into the Hercules Hall at about 6 pm, having set off on my journey at 7am, having arranged for the crate being picked up at that time. That makes the journey time of 8 hours, if my calculations are correct. I'll have my watch so as to time the journey, and I'll be arriving in a room I know very well in Portmeirion, where there should be no one hours difference!
    At last years convention, fans watched the first episode of THEPRISONER, and didn't take to it at all! Now one year of from it's premier here in the United Kingdom, I'll be seeing if any of my fellow fans have changed their attitude to the 2009 series. But I'm not holding my breath. I think it would be a good idea of the organisers of the Prisoner Convention to hold a screening of the 2009 series, but I've a feeling that idea would fall  on deaf ears! But it shouldn't, after all Six of One is supposed to be an appreciation society for the Prisoner, no matter which series!
   I'm keen to see how Justine Lord, the girl who was death, looks these days. She dropped out of acting soon after her role in the Prisoner, to take up a career as a school teacher. And of course it will be good to be back in the village, even though the weekend will be over almost as quickly as it began, and I haven't even got there yet. Nor will I, if I don't get this crate nailed down..........
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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