Saturday, 23 April 2011

Prisoner Conventions I Have Known

    Last time I promised to provide pictures from past Prisoner Conventions which have been held on an annual basis at Portmeirion. The images you are about to see come from a number of different Conventions from the early to late 1990's.
    I have to say that there is a marked contrast between these pictures, and those which I posted last time. But to be fair, these pictures do come from Prisoner Conventions which used to be held in the summer months, rather than in early spring, or late autumn, as is the case these days.
   The pictures are of the Human chess match, in which No.6 was played by David Stimpson, and No.8 by his wife Morag, with Dave Barrie as the chess champion-No.14. You will observe the number of spectators, many of whom are day visitors to Portmeirion over the Convention weekend,

   And now a shot of the Boxing match, a re-enactment of Barney's Boxing Booth from  The Girl Who Was Death, with David Stimpson as Mister X, and Simon Morris as the Polish giant "Killer" Kaminski, and Rick Booth as Master of Ceremonies.
Next, the fencing match from the Schizoid Man, with David as No.6, and Steve Ward as, well No.6!
    And finally Mister X, just to demonstrate just how much David Stimpson went into detail for the character he played in re-enactments, which some at Prisoner Conventions don't seem to bother! Here's Dave as Mister X.                                                                                                             
 As for me, well I don't miss the good old days of what was the' hay day' of Prisoner Conventions. But I do retain some very happy memories from those times.
I'm Johnny Prisoner

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